Offering the nanny monitor in your store is to offer your customers the most popular baby breathing monitor for its reliability and ease of use!

The world famous NANNY which monitors baby breathing movements

Jablotron’s Nanny monitor is world renowned and recognized by parents, early childhood professionals and more and more medical professionals.

This monitor controls baby’s breathing movements and alert parents, nursery staff or medical personnel in case of respiratory arrest or apnea.

The trigger limits have been defined in collaboration with newborn and baby health professionals. The Nanny monitors baby in his sleep and is triggered if it does not detect any breathing movement after 20 seconds or if it only detects 8 movements per minute, in the case of apnea.

Why offer the NANNY monitor in your store ?

  • An ultra-reliable and recognized baby respiratory monitor, with less than 0.5% of after sales service and made in Europe!

  • Respond to your customer’s demand: the nanny is popular with young parents on social networks ; more and more stores contact us to sell it following requests from their customers, future, and young parents.

  • A packaging in French, providing your customers with many answers to their questions

  • A recommended retail price respected in physical stores, online or on marketplaces

Why the Nanny Monitor recognized and praised by everyone

Picto Simple


It is very easy to use by all: whether at home for parents, by nursery in day care centers, childcare assistants, nurses or doctors in hospitals.

Picto CE


It is an ultra-reliable monitor: it is certified CE medical device class IIB, which means that it meets the same regulatory requirements and has been subjected to the same tests as, for example, a dialysis machine, an incubator for newborns or an oximeter, used in hospitals in France and Europe. It is tested and certified by independent laboratories and experts.

How the NANNY monitor works ?

The Nanny is made of 2 parts :


It monitors the data sent by the nanny detection mattress and rings in case of detected anomaly. The control unit functions with batteries and has 3 lights: a green light flashing at each detection, a red light lighting up in case of problem (at the same time as the audible alarm) and an orange light indicating low batteries.



It integrates a system of detection of the movements and respiratory movements of baby. The detection pad of the nanny is connected to the control unit in a wired way in order not to generates waves near baby.


The user installs the detection pad of the nanny monitor under the mattress of the baby’s bed, flat; makes the wire run under the mattress and hangs the control unit at the foot of the bed, by winding the wire on a bar. When baby is in bed, simply turn on the monitor with the on/off button on the side of the unit and the monitoring will be effective.

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