For more than 5 years, we represent 2 major brands of baby products that parents love ! Our credo is : safety, well-being, and development of babies, toddler & kid ! !

Wholesaler distributor of Jablotron NANNY moniteur

We offer you in exclusivity THE Nanny baby monitor. The nanny allows you to supervise your baby’s breathing movements while he is sleeping and to alert the parents in case of problem, so that they can react immediately. OFFICIAL EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR for french speaking country.

The nanny is very popular with future and young parents, more and more of whom are using it and talking about it ; don’t miss out !

Wholesaler for the Nanny monitor in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, and French-speaking African countries

Become reseller of NANNY baby monitor

The Jablotron Nanny Monitor is world-renowned and recognized by parents, childcare professionals, and more and more medical professionals.

This monitor analyses baby’s breathing movements and alerts parents, nursery staff or medical personnel in case of respiratory arrest or apnea during baby’s sleep.

Why is the Nanny monitor so popular?

Picto Help

It helps many parents sleep better and has saved many lives !

Picto CE

It is an ultra-reliable monitor: it is certified CE medical device class IIB

Picto Simple

It’s very easy to use by all

Wholesaler, distributor for baby cot liners BREATHABLEBABY

We offer you, in exclusivity,  the BREATHABLEBABY brand with its wide range of breathable cot liners. The breathable cot liner offers a 100% safe solution for young parents who want to protect their child who gets his arms or legs stuck between the bars of the bed, while following advise against the use of a conventional bumper pad following serious accidents.

Wholesaler for BreathableBaby cot liners in France, Europe, Switzerland, Morocco, and French-speaking African countries.

Offering these items in your store is to stand out from your competitors and show your customers that you are listening to them by offering them the solutions they are looking for and innovations that are useful daily !

Offer your customers the BREATHABLEBABY cot liners

BREATHABLEBABY’s cot liners will quickly become a must-have for every young parents ! Until now, parents have been struggling between protecting their child from getting their arms or legs caught between the bars and following pediatricians’ advice against using a bumper pad after serious accidents with babies who buried their faces in their traditional, non-breathable bumper pads.

Why offer the BreathableBaby cot liners ?

You will finally be able to offer THE 100% safe baby bumper solution with the breathable cot liners !

A wide range to secure any baby bed, from crib to cot 60x120cm or 70×140 cm

THE solution for cots with slats only on the sides with solid head and foot.

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